Easter is a great time for making a renewed effort to reach out into your local community and try new things as a congregation. Here’s a list of 21 ideas for how you can promote your Easter activities, try new outreach opportunities, or bring something a little different to your easter services.

1. Use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to invite people to Easter.

Giving out daffodils? Add an invitation to your Easter service.

2. Keep your invitations simple.

Rather than inviting people to 3/4 different services, focus on make one event the thing you invite people to.

3. Use social media to build awareness

Make a plan for sharing about your Easter service, add a custom profile picture or header image. Bonus: Download a free image pack!

4. Create a Facebook event for your Easter services.

Make the most of your church’s Facebook Page by creating an event which your congregation can use to invite their friends to.

5. Host an Easter egg hunt

Make a big family fun morning by holding an Easter Egg Hunt Around your church or in a local park.

6. Fish and Chip Prayers

Here’s one for Good Friday. Set up a hall or various rooms with a range of prayer activities, and create space for families to engage in the Easter story (you could recreate the stations of the cross). You could also have a separate room with Easter craft activities. Then share a family meal of fish and chips together.

7. Passover Meal

Hold a ‘traditional’ last supper on Maundy Thursday. Share a meal of lamb and retell the Passover as Jesus would have done at the last supper.

8. Overnight Prayer Vigil

Gather together for a 24-hour or overnight prayer vigil, set to finish at sunrise on Easter Sunday.

9. Create an Easter Flash Mob

Why not try something like this in your local shopping precinct?

10. Host an Easter Lunch

Many churches hold a meal on Christmas Day for those who might otherwise be alone. Why not do the same at Easter?

11. Put an advert in your local paper

Many local papers will have a section to publicise the local churches’ Easter Services.

12. Deliver Easter Cards to your community.

Hand deliver Easter cards with a simple message and invitation to local homes.

13. Give away Hot Cross Buns

Set up a table outside and hand out free Hot Cross Buns to passers-by.

14. Hold an Easter Fun Day

Play traditional sports day sports like an egg and spoon race and bunny hopping races (sack races).

15. Create an Easter garden

Creating a mini garden scene in a shoe box was one of my favourite Easter craft activities as a child. Why not take it a step further and create a full garden scene at the front of the church using pot plants and a green rug or AstroTurf for grass.

16. Hold a flower arranging course

If you have a team of people who arrange the flowers in your church, why not ask if they would hold a course (or a morning) where they can teach their skills. You could also use this as an outreach event to invite friends to.

17. Palm Sunday Family Service with a real donkey

Make memories by making a donkey the star of the show!

18. Good Friday Walk of Witness

It’s a traditional part of many local churches’ Easter plans, but it’s a great way of having a visual presence in your local community.

19. My King video

Easter is a great time to include video as part of your service if you don’t normally. Here’s a video that might work particularly well as a reminder of who Jesus is.

20. Make a mosaic cross with broken tiles

Prepare a large wooden cross with a small wooden bead around the edge. In the service, give everyone a piece of broken tile and ask them to stick it to the cross. (See here for an example). You might even be able to get free broken tiles from a DIY store.

21. Act out the Easter story.

Characters dressed up, coming in through the back running to the tomb or looking for Jesus. This could be a great opportunity for a narrative sermon.


We hope you find these ideas helpful! If you’re looking for flyers or Easter cards, get in touch with our design team and let us do the hard work!