So you’ve taken your first steps and created a Facebook Page for your church, but how do you grow your audience? Here are 25 practical ideas that you can start today to grow your audience and reach more people through the Facebook Newsfeed:

1. Invite your friends/family

Probably the first step many of us take is to invite our friends and family to “like” our Page. Whilst this may be a good way of getting a load of “likes” at the start, it can be a bit of a false-starter. Focus on building an audience of people who relate most to the page – close family/friends who support your church, and those who live locally.

2. Invite your congregation

Inviting your congregation to “like” the church’s Page seems obvious – but it’s often missed! If you are connected with members of the church on Facebook, then you can invite them through your Facebook Page, but it’s also worth making a point of speaking to people face-to-face and asking them to click “like” in order to help reach more people on Facebook.

3. Post more often…

One of the best ways to grow your Facebook audience is to increase the number of photos/statuses/links that are shared on your Facebook Page. The most content you are producing, the more likely that it is to be seen by a wider audience.

4. …but don’t over-post!

However, it’s also important that you don’t post too often! Keeping it to around 1 or 2 posts a day is probably about right. Less than that, and you may drop off from your followers’ Newsfeeds, more than that and you risk becoming ‘spam’.

5. Be regular

The most successful Facebook Pages have a regular rhythm of posting throughout the week. Set up a regular schedule of posts (such as 3 times a week), and be consistent in posting content at around the same times. Try using a tool such as Buffer to create a regular schedule.

6. Schedule themes

One way to achieve a regular rhythm of posting is to schedule in certain themes. For instance, you could share a Bible verse every Monday morning, share an upcoming event on Wednesdays, and share an invitation to the Sunday service on Friday.

7. Post about events you are hosting

Make a habit of creating Facebook Events for one-off and monthly events; then set a time each week to share those events and invite people to them.

8. Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a great way for churches to share the latest news and announcements. All you need is yourself, a phone, and something to talk about! Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm prioritises live videos, so it’s a great way to grow your audience.

9. Post photos from Church events

Posting photos is a great way of giving people a glimpse into the life of your church, and engagement with these photos will help them appear across the Newsfeed.

10. Share content from your services

Another way to give people a glimpse into your church is by sharing content from a Sunday morning (or evening/mid-week meeting!). Try sharing an inspirational quote from the sermon on a regular basis.

11. Share your good news stories

Make a point to collect stories from your congregation, and get their permission to share these good news stories. You could even try interviewing someone on Facebook Live!

12. Post about local news

One good way of growing your Facebook audience is by getting involved in your local community – make a point of posting about local news or issues in the community.

13. Use your page to engage with others

You can also use your Page to comment, like and share on posts from other Facebook Pages. This helps increase your reach and shows an increased level of interest in your local community.

14. Encourage your congregation to engage

One of the best ways to grow your Facebook audience is for your existing audience to engage with your Page. Encourage your church members to join in online, and explain how it can help you reach more people online. (Check out our post on the 2018 Facebook Newsfeed algorithm changes).

15. Share content on your personal Facebook page

Sharing content from your Facebook Page on your personal account is a good way of increasing your Page’s reach. Just make sure you don’t over share and risk people switching off!

16. Encourage users to “see first”

Facebook allows users to set how often they see your Page’s updates. Encourage your church to go to your Page and click on “See First” to make sure that they see your latest posts in their Newsfeed.

17. Talk about Your Facebook Page on Sunday

Keep reminding your congregation about what you are aiming for on Facebook – maybe look to share stories or feedback you may have recieved on Facebook.

18. Create a Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook Group is another great way of increasing engagement with your audience. Use it to share prayer requests, news updates, and encourage discussions.

19. Use Facebook Check-ins

Facebook allows users to “check-in” at physical locations linked to Facebook Pages. This helps grow your audience by bumping your Page up the search results, and by appearing in the Newsfeed.

20. Invest in Facebook Ads

Boosting posts, or investing in Facebook Ads can be a good way to increase your reach. You can also start a campaign to grow your likes. However, be careful not to get carried away – focus on creating quality content, rather than just growing “likes”.

21. Put a link to Facebook on your website

Make sure that you are giving people the opportunity to visit your Facebook Page from your church website.

22. Put a link to Facebook on your printed publicity

You could also add a “Find us on Facebook” badge to your printed materials.

23. Keep your about section up to date

Make sure that you re-visit your Page to check the “About” tab is showing the correct information.

24. Reply to comments and messages

Being responsive to comments and messages is another way of increasing your reach, and making sure you make a good impression.

25. Build a team of editors

You may find it helpful to invest in developing a team of volunteers who can help with regular posting and/or replying to messages.


We hope you’ve found these 25 ideas helpful. Just remember that Facebook favours quality content, so make sure that you focus on creating engaging posts on a regular basis.

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